Catholic bishop calls for referendum on abortion bill

The Chairman for the Episcopal Conference of Malawi, His Grace Thomas Luke Msusa has challenged those that are pro-abortion and pro-life to give room for a referendum to take place in Malawi, so that the citizenry decides what is best for them as individuals and for the good of the society.

He spoke against those that are for pro-abortion bill, saying there was no need to generalize that the majority is for abortion bill because Malawi as a God-fearing nation is against the bill.

ArchBishop Thomas Luke Msusa

Archbishop Msusa also categorically refutes that the Catholic Church in Malawi is particularly in support of the abortion bill as claimed by pro-abortion groups by saying that there was a representation of the Church in the special law commission when the bill was proposed.
He said as Catholic Bishops in Malawi, they already issued a Pastoral Statement in 2013 where, they consistent with the teachings of the universal Church, made their position very clear on abortion, homosexuality and population control.

“We note in particular that there are some worrisome trends in our democratization and emancipation that push for a worldview independent of and side-lining God, and making human beings dependent on their own intellect, determining for themselves what is right and what is wrong. We are saddened to read that religion should not regulate morals,” said Archbishop Msusa on Wednesday when he opened a two-day World Congress of Families for African Regional Conference in Lilongwe.
According to Archbishop Msusa, the recent campaign calling for termination of pregnancy or abortion law is contrary to the principle of human dignity and sanctity of life.

The Bishop was saying this at the International Organization for the Families conference. The conference is to highlight the need to preserve the basic values of African Cultures, which follow the culture of life, and to resist the increasing secular influence in the world to follow the culture of death.The theme for the conference which has attracted the academia, Clergy, Members of Parliament and the media among others is ‘The African Family and Cultural Colonization”.Delegates have been drawn from all over Africa and the United States of America.

Further reporting by : Prince Henderson