Atoht Manje missions to engage upcoming artists

Elias Missi popularly known by his stage name, Atoht Manje says he is on a mission to engage upcoming artists in his shows as one way of appreciating what his fellow artists did in uplifting him to be where he is.

Manje is a solo artist who came to be popular with his songs; ‘Che Patuma, Kunong’a, Tidzipepeseko  and Majelasi’ among others.

He has an enthusiasm of uplifting the upcoming artists to reach a desired position in order to complement the passion in the music industry.

In a recent interview , Missi said his music career started sometime back in 1999 but his first album got floppy because there was no exposure hence making the album not to be known.

Atoht manje

“As artists we expect to be exposed and promoted so that people should know us, in turn when they listen to our music played on radio they recognize us and start buying our songs,” Missi elaborated.

Missi added that the zeal for collaborating with upcoming artists came after noticing that there are a lot of talented artists with soft voice but they are not known to the public noting that when they release an album the chance to sell their product is low hence the initiative.“I have an experience that I failed to sell my first album due to lack of promotion, after some people picked me to perform during their shows it is when people came to notice my talent and started requesting me to perform during gigantic shows,” he said.

He further advised fellow artists to have a target audience before working on a piece of work saying some people just took music for granted and overlook the target audience.“Be what you are and don’t imitate what other artists are doing, have your target audience in order to come up with the best type of songs fit for intended audience.

“It is easy though it looks like difficult to others and that is why some people fail to communicate because they don’t know what they are doing,” Missi advised.

In his words Manje deplored the spirit of some artists who take an advantage of their fame to engage in immoral behaviors saying this only blemishes their image, hence the need to look up to him to protect their status.“I have a message to all artists that we should protect our images, because if we indulge in immoral behaviors we disappoint our fans which might lead to our downfall,” he said.

Manje so far has three albums to his credit and he describes a music career as a long journey which needs endurance and humility.

He has plans of growing bigger and bigger with his music career to reach international level.