Carlsberg Malawi hikes soft drink prices

Want to throw a party during the festive season and you are planning
to buy some soft drinks? Start drafting a proper budget now because it
will cost you a bit more.
Carlsberg Malawi Limited has adjusted prices of its non- alcoholic
beverages in returnable glass bottles, cans and squashes effective
Monday, 28th of November.

The development comes barely a month after the Malawi Bureau of
Stadards(MBS) banned the cheap Mozambican drink, Frozy,
According to a statement released by
Carlsberg Malawi Limited, made available to 247 Malawi, Coca-Cola soft
drinks which are Coca-Cola, Fanta, and Sprite of 300 ml will be sold
at K250 from K220 as a recommended retail price.6308912485_9f345aaabc_m

Sobo soft drinks namely Cocopina and
Cherryplum of 300ml will now be sold at K220 from K200 as recommended
retail price.
The hike has not spared those who like soft drinks in cans as
Coca-Cola soft drinks in cans of K300 ml is now pegged at K400.
Sobo squashes of 500ml and Sobo squashes of 2 litres will be sold at
K600 and K1700 from K1300
Meanwhile Consumer Association of Malawi (CAMA) Chairperson John
Kapito has attributed the price hike to lack of competition since
Frozy drink was banned.