Chakwera explains his vision for Malawi — Fighting corruption, agriculture and energy sectors among his priorities when he wins the presidency

The President of Malawi Congress Party and Malawi’s Leader of opposition Dr Lazarus Chakwera has taken time to explain some of his vision for Malawi for when he wins the presidency in 2019. The MCP leader took time to participate in a radio interview on The Maravi Heritage show, a topical Malawi current affairs show presented by Allan Mandindi and Gitta Phiri, of the Diaspora Malawi Community based in UK.

The show which collected questions from Malawians, gave the MCP leader a platform to answer and suggest solutions to the many problems Malawians are facing such as lack of electricity, rise of unemployment, hunger among the many issues.  Questioning Dr Chakwera, show host Mandindi asked the opposition leader what his main priorities will be if he wins power in 2019.

Chakwera opened up by saying  One of his main priorities will be to rid the country of corruption. “There is high levels of corruption and this will be my main priority so that we stop this malpractice from happening “. The MCP leader highlighted that; the fight against corruption can never be won if the leaders in government are at the forefront of corrupt activities.  When questioned on whether what he was saying was just an empty promise just as many politicians’ does- Chakwera said, time has come to change Malawians politics “We need to have leaders with integrity, leaders that are accountable to what they say. The choice of leadership that Malawians choose will play a role in whether the fight against corruption will be won”.

Dr Lazarus Chakwera

The MCP leader also said next on his priority will be restoring the Agriculture sector.  It has always been the MCP thing to put Agriculture at the core of the party.  Malawi currently is facing a number of Agricultural challenges. People in the rural areas that relied of farming are not getting the necessary help needed. The country is facing Hunger issues each and every year.  While Chakwera acknowledged some government efforts he was quick to highlight that “that’s not enough “. Malawi relies on Agriculture and this should be a priority at all cost.

The MCP leader also touched on the issue of electricity shortage.  While critics have highlighted that former Malawi leaders have failed to build on Kamuzu’s vision when he opened Nkula Falls . Chakwera pointed out that the whole energy sector needs development “We are attracting less investors , the industries we have are having productivity issues , people are having no electricity  in their homes , such is not a good thing . He went further to say the future MCP Government will work on developing the energy sector from day one in office. He expressed his desire to create a ““light up Malawi Project” which will aim at finding solutions to any electricity problems while working on getting electricity get to many rural areas as possible.

Dr Chakwera also spoke of the need to develop the ICT Sector. “The future is technology, I have kids and grandkids who- all they talk about is computers- this just shows that we can never ignore but accept that the world is going technologically advanced” said Chakwera. He suggested that he would work with the Education sector to make sure that lessons about computers and technology are taught to Malawi Children from a young age. He also highlighted the need for Government to invest in ICT infrastructures.

Commenting on Dr Chakwera’s Interview and his explanation of his vision, Political commentator Chalo Mvula said “ One thing we have seen here , is, a leader who knows where he want to take Malawi to ? The vision that Dr Chakwera has for Malawi, will make Malawi alive again. We have seen people get in government and having no clue of what they are doing- but there is something about Dr Chakwera that suggest he is the real deal” said Mvula.