Chilima left in the cold as Atupele  Muluzi tipped to be Mutharika running mate in 2019

2018 is promising to be explosive as far as Malawians politics is concerning. With the general elections due to take place in May 2019 political parties are strategizing themselves getting ready for the big day.   There is neither permanent friend nor enemy in politics, the saying goes so and from our team of investigators it appears Vice President Chilima will soon find out that there is no loyalty in politics. President Mutharika and the DPP party have earmarked Atupele Muluzi to be the running mate   of the president.

2019 ticket: Mutharika and Atupele

It was leaked in the media a few weeks ago that Political engineer Bakili Muluzi  has been working day and night  in trying to bring together a powerful coalition of DPP, UDF and PP.  Muluzi’s efforts have largely centred on the fear that the rise of Dr Lazarus Chakwera  will potentially take the presidency back to the central region. This kind of regionalist thinking seems to have worked well as the DPP strategists have entertained his idea with a reward of making his son Atupele as the potential running mate.

This will not come as a surprise to many people, as Atupele Muluzi has been close to the DPP government from the start. Peter Mutharika has always kept him in the cabinet and those close to the president says , he is always appreciative of  what Bakili Muluzi did to the Mutharika family by handpicking his brother Bingu  to succeed him as the president.

Political experts have described a grand coalition of DPP,UDF and PP  as being too strong for MCP to carry the day. It is not known  yet as to what current Vice President Saulos Chilima  next move will be.  Many have wondered as to whether he will still remain in politics considering he was not an active politician when he was picked by Peter Mutharika to be his  running mate . Others have argued that Chilima doesn’t have a strong base if he is to think of going it alone .