Chilima to eventually resign from DPP -fails to say if he will stand for presidency

Malawi vice president Dr Saulos Klaus Chilima has today finally broken his silence and responded to the calls that he take over the leadership of the ruling DPP party and be its torchbearer at the next year’s general elections.  The vice president however, has fallen short from actually confirming that he will stand for presidency in the next general election.

Chilima started his briefing by honouring Malawians heroes & heroines who died for the freedom and peace for Malawi. Saying this freedom shouldn’t be taken for granted as the fore bearers paid the ultimate price for it.

Chilima went on to highlight some of the problems that the current government is failing to address “Nepostism & tribalism are ravaging Malawi”. On corruption, he said “there is nobody who refutes that there’s corruption in the country. Even the president agrees. In terms of evidence, yes even if the ACB asks me to give evidence I will do so without fear”

In addressing the big question on whether he will contest for the presidency of the DPP at the convention , Chilima announced that he  had decided not to contest on a DPP ticket at the party’s convention. “There comes a time in one’s life when one has to bid farewell, it is a decision that our forefathers made, it’s a decision that I have made I will follow the procedure and eventually leave the DPP. My decision not contest has been made so that I don’t seem to be causing confusion in an institution like DPP”.

Chilima thanked Peter Mutharika for choosing him to be his vice president also thanked those who have formed the Chilima Movement for their courage. On the Chilima Movement, Chilima said that people have a right to say who they think can be president but he was not  prepared to answer for them whether they are disappointed with his decision or not.