Comedian Jakobo needs 20 million Kwacha for Kidney transplant

Friends of renowned comedian Eric Mabedi   of the Izeki and Jakobo fame have called for financial support from well-wishers to help the artist undergo a kidney transplant in India.

Spokesperson for the group Higger Mkandawire says Mabedi, popularly known as Jakobo, now relies on a dialysis machine at Mwai Wathu Hospital in Blantyre and needs about K20 million in total for the medical treatment in India. “We have been visiting him and we have seen that he is not feeling well. He has been admitted several times with kidney problem. Doctors have recommended that he goes and meet an expert in India for kidney transplant. They say he needs K20 million for the transplant.

“We asked him if we can join the family in raising funds for him to meet the Doctor in India. We are contacting individuals and organizations if they can help and deposit the money into his account; Eric Mabedi, NBS Bank, Ginnery Corner, 14336087,” he said.

Mkandawire said that Mabedi has been struggling with the condition since 1994 but now it is becoming worse because he is using machine to survive.

Mabedi rose to fame when he partnered with John Nyanga, AKA Izeki, and form Izeki and Jakobo duet until the death of Nyanga in 2015.


further reporting by Zodiak