DPP to create 17,000 jobs for the youth, MCP Cautions about empty promises

The Ministry of Labour, Youth, Sports and Manpower Development said it will generate jobs for the Malawian youth in the Jobs for Youth (J4Y) project by July 1, 2018 in a bid to reduce poverty levels among the youths.

This was disclosed Friday at the Ministry’s headquarters during a press briefing held to brief journalists on the Job for Youth Project, a Government initiative focusing on youth empowerment by creating jobs with financial support from the African Development Bank (ADB).

During the briefing the Minister of Labour, Youth, Sports and Manpower Development, Francis Kasaila briefed journalists on what the project seeks to address and its implementation modalities.

“The overall goal of the project is to empower young women and men for improved employability in decent work and sustainable entrepreneurship in Malawi,” said Kasaila.

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Kasaila said Government recognizes the challenges that the youth are facing through their dependency on white-collar jobs only noting that the J4Y project seeks to engage them in entrepreneurship skills  development for them to become productive citizens.

“We would want to train as many youths as we can because if these youths are involved in businesses, it is where they can find opportunities to uplift themselves in the end develop the nation as well,” he said.
Kasaila said every youth in this country is eligible to benefit from the program noting that what will be required is to analyse their business ideas and give them the needed support.

“We have dedicated staff that will be responsible to analyze the business plans, we shall give the technical assistance that will assist in creating business plans for themselves,” he explained.

The project has three components which include Entrepreneurship, Education and Sustainable Enterprise Development; Skills Development for Employability and Institutional Capacity Development and Project Management.

The activities in the components include entrepreneurship culture development, establishment of incubators, access to finance implementation of a one year internship programme and practical, hands–on training and apprenticeship for out of school youth among others.

The project is geared to generate 17,000 jobs for youths, 6,000 youth owned businesses and the Ministry is doing everything practically possible to fast-track preparatory processes so that the youth could start enjoying the project benefits by July 1, 2018.

But commenting on the announcement ,Opposition Malawi Congress Party communication director for its diapora wing Chalo Mvula said the governement has made alot of empty promises  in that it now hard to believe what it says ” its true youth unemployment  is worse in Malawi, there is increasing numbers of youths not in employment nor education- its welcoming if the government will really work towards implementation of what it says , however, we have heard this so many times and the youths are let down all the time ”

The Malawi Congress Party Diaspora wing said there is only one leader in Malawi who has the youths at heart and that is Dr Lazarus Chakwera ” Dr Chakwera has said again and again that youth employment will be among his top priorities , DPP is now coming up with desperate policies, , they have run out of time but one good thing is that the youths of Malawi have seen how the party has treated them in the past 4 years ” said Chalo Mvula.