Frozy Manufacturer to appeal against MBS decision to ban the drink.

Yaafico Industries, a company that manufatures popular drink- Frozy says it will appeal against the decision by the Malawi Bureau of Standards (MBS) to ban the drink saying that there is nothing wrong with the drink.

Last week MBS banned the importation and selling of Frozy in the country saying it does not meet the standards laid down by the Malawian authorities.

According to MBS, Frozy was banned because it contains high levels of citric acid and food preservative sodium benzoate.

According to MBS Chief Executive Officer Davlin Chokazinga, apart from failing conformance tests, the bureau banned the product because it has some information provided in Portuguese language contrary to MBS 19 labeling requirements.frozy

But in a statement released over the weekend, the Mozambican company rejected the MBS claims saying the drinks are certified by, and frequently analysed by, the National Food and Water Hygiene Laboratory (LNHAA) of the Mozambican Health Ministry.

The company claimed that in the last analysis, in August, and in all
previous ones, the levels of aciditydetected in the drink were in conformity with the standards demanded by the LNHAA, and throughout the southern African region.
“We know Frozy drinks are popular among Malawian consumers.We are going to appeal to restore the truth about our products”

The Malawi Bureau of Standards banned Frozy drinks on Tuesday last week -a thing that did not go down well with most Malawians who are in love with the Mozambican fizzy drinks.

Despite the ban, Frozy remain the most popular drink in Malawi because it is one of the cheapest drinks in the country, being sold as cheaper as MK 200 to MK 300.