Government lift suspension on SIM card registration

By McLloyd Kudzingo
Minister of Information and Communications Technology Nicholas Dausi on Wednesday announced in Parliament that government had lifted the suspension on the registration of SIM cards and generic numbers.
Malawi government suspended the exercise on 13 February this year saying it was in response to queries and misunderstandings about the exercise by subscribers.
The suspension followed concerns raised by opposition members of Parliament who challenged government to extend or completely stop the exercise until all public concerns were addressed.
But speaking in Parliament on Wednesday,  Dausi said the exercise will continue and people will be registering their SIM cards and generic numbers as they already started.
“The registration of SIM cards is a lawful exercise initiated by Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (Macra), in line with the Communications Act (2016),”
The law gives powers to the network service providers through Macra to register all SIM cards and all subscribers’ numbers,” he said.
According to Macra, the mandatory registration of SIM cards will help prevent crime and fraudulent cases that are on the rise as it will enable security enforcement agencies to trace perpetrators using information provided to network providers.