Gustav Kaliwo suspended from MCP

Following the recent leakage of a letter meant to go to MCP president and signed by some top officials, where they criticized the president of not following the constitution in the way he is handling issues of the party, the MCP members of parliament have unanimously agreed to suspend secretary general Gustav Kaliwo.

According to a document made available to 247 Malawi, it was during the meeting that members of Parliament of Malawi Congress Party had on Tuesday, January 16, 2018, that several resolutions were made.  The Members of Parliament were united in condemning in the strongest terms the letter written by the First Deputy president, Richard Msowoya, Second Deputy President, Mr. McDonald Lombola,The Secretary General, Mr. Gustav Kaliwo,The First Secretary General, Mr. James Chatonda Kaunda and  The Director of International Relations, Mr. Tony Kandiero Who made serious allegations that the president, Rt. Hon. Dr. Lazarus Chakwera, is breaking the constitution.

The statement says, “The MPs feel that, if they had issues, them being in the same office with the President, should have taken the initiative to solve the said problem. The Malawi Congress Party constitution does not have a politburo in it’s hear achy. The President never said anything about politburo in his press statement.  The 5 people are the one breaking the constitution by creating a structure called Politburo”.

The statement also defended Dr Lazarus Chakwera   saying “At no point did Dr. Lazarus Chakwera mention anything about dissolving the incumbent NEC. That power only rests in NEC meeting. The consultative meeting before December 1, 2017, has no legal mandate in our party structure unless ratified by NEC. And further to that, the president in his media interview categorically made it clear that it was in the powers of Management and NEC to look into the communiqué of the consultative meeting”.

MCP Members of Parliament then recommended that the Secretary General, Mr. Gustav Kaliwo should be suspended forthwith for the following reasons

– He has absented himself with no reasons for more than three consecutive NEC meetings contrary to the MCP constitution

-He has shown gross incompetence by failing to give policy direction to the party

– He has absented himself from major party functions for two years, including the whole period of the 6 bi elections held in October 2017 without giving any reason

– He has absented himself from a management meeting which he himself called without communicating to any member about the postponement of the said meeting

– He has gone against our core principles of the four corner stones by convening parallel meetings and thereafter putting the same resolutions on party stationery, with members who have no mandate in the party

Gustave Kaliwo is yet to respond to the latest suspension. 247 Malawi tried to contact him but his phone went unanswered.