Huawei Technologies train Malawian University students in China

Huawei Technologies believes Malawian students need to be exposed to emerging Information Communication Technologies (ICT) in order to contribute positively to the sector in the country.

Huawei Public Relations Officer (PRO) Leo Liu said this Saturday at Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) in Lilongwe when he welcomed six Malawian University students who were in China trained in modern technological trends at their headquarters in China under the seeds for the future training programme.

He noted that such visits would help Malawi to advance its ICT sector since there human capacity development taking place between the two countries.

Liu pointed out the training was part of Huawei sharing its global ICT knowledge to Malawi through a hands on-on experience of the latest Hauwei technologies.

The PRO said the Seeds for the Future programme is a gesture of his company’s corporate social responsibility to contribute to the development of ICT in the country.

“These students will be the country’s reference point for short and long-term strategies of the development of all sectors of ICT in the country,” he added.

A Polytechnic student, Joel Malewa who was part of the team to China expressed his gratitude for participating in Seeds for the Future this year, saying he was stunned by China’s state of the art ICT industry.

He said the country has the potential to improve the ICT sector if students participating in programmes like these are given all the necessary equipment to practice their knowledge.

“In China, we used top class ICT connected laboratories with all the required machinery that cannot be found in any Universities or Schools in the country. For instance, we learnt how to build 4G bases and link that with our services using the internet. I will appeal to government to invest in ICT so that we practice all this knowledge.” Malewa stated.

Another student from Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUARNAR), Charity Kachule said the knowledge gained from the intensive training during the two-week visit would enhance her approach to work as they would be able to apply modern technological trends and application.

She said with such opportunity the country stands to develop faster in its ICT sector and this would help to generate interest from young girls to venture into the field.

Minister of Information and Communications Technology, Nicholas Dausi expressed gratitude to Huawei Technologies for considering Malawian students to be trained in China and improve their ICT knowledge base.

He requested Huawei to consider increasing the number of students to be trained per annual so that the impact should be seen. The students came from LUARNAR, National ICT College (NAICT), Exploits University, Chancellor College and Polytechnic.

Third graduates of Seeds for the Future, an ICT tour programme in China for outstanding students from Malawian universities.

Huawei Technologies is a Chinese company which works with Malawian ICT and telecommunication institutions to improve service delivery and has been implementing the programme since 2016.

Every year, the company has been sponsoring six students on a two week programme of study of China’s sophisticated ICT so that they become sources of ICT development for Malawi.

Huawei Technologies has been in Malawi since 2008 working with Telecom Networks Malawi (TNM), Airtel, Malawi Telecommunications Limited (MTL) and Malawi Digital Broadcasting Network Limited (MDBNL) in improving areas of signal coverage and access to high speed internet, among other important things.

The Company is just about to finish constructing the Malawi National Fiber Backbone Project which will bring internet connectivity and access in districts and communities across the country.

Seeds for the Future which is a global CSR flagship programme, was initiated by Huawei in 2008 to develop local ICT talent, enhance knowledge transfer, promote a greater understanding and interest in the ICT sector, and improve and encourage regional building and participation in the digital country.

Huawei believes that through their education programme opportunities will improve the education environment and allow more young people to get education opportunities by leveraging the full potential of telecommunications technologies.

China and Malawi got into the ICT training arrangement in 2015, when President Prof. Peter Mutharika visited Dalian, China, where he met and discussed Malawi’s ICT future with Huawei Chief Executive Officer Wenwi Xu.