Kaliati loses DPP primaries

The husband to UTM’s secretary general Patricia Kaliati , who himself is the member of parliament for the the Ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in Mulanje Pasani Angie Kaliati has fallen in the party’s primary elections

The primary elections took place on saturday at
Namindola Primary School. Former legislator Ebbie Mathanda displaced Kaliati after beating other six candidates.

Angie Kaliati lost the primaries

Angie Kaliati has confirmed the defeat. The kaliati’s have attracted attention recently after the husband decided to remain in the ruling DPP when his wife dumped the party to become the founding member of the Saulos Chilimas UTM .

The winner of the primaries ,Mathanda was once United Democratic Front legislator in the constituency but lost to a DPP MP Peter Nowa in 2009. Nowa lost to Kaliati in 2014.