MCP congratulates Malawi queens on Finishing Fourth

The Malawi Congress Party has issued a press release to congratulate  the netball national team  for a good performance at the just recently finished Fast five series . The tournament which was won by New Zealand finished  on Oct 28th.

In the press release The President and all members of the Malawi Congress Party congratulated the Malawi National Netball Team, the Queens, for their marvellous performance at the Fast Five World Netball series held in Melbourne, Australia from 27th to 28th October 2018.

Malawi Queens

Signed by the party’s publicity secretary Rev Maurice Munthali It went on to say

“The Malawi Congress Party feels that the success story brought home by our devoted, patriotic and ardent ladies, is an unprecedented national pride and an achievement worth commending publicly.

By finishing at fouth position in such a highly competitive tournament and taking into consideration that you do not have all it takes to train satisfactorily and professionally, we in the Malawi Congress Party, all netball lovers across the country and all Malawians, owe you our profound congratulations! You have, as always, put Malawi on the world map.

It is our hope that the Government, through the line Ministry, will ensure that our ladies are well supported, motivated and rewarded for them to register even more successes in future.”  said the statement