MCP looking more of a government in waiting than the other parties : Chalo’s Persipective

By Chalo Mvula

If the events of last week’s presentation of nomination papers are to go by, then from a non-biased point – everyone will agree that the opposition Malawi Congress Party looks more of ready government in waiting than the rest of the political parties. Elections are like preparing for exams, not only are you supposed to study in readiness for them, but you have to set a strategic plan on how you will approach your studies.  Last week, at Comesa hall, everyone from a political school of thought witnessed the disorganization of many of the other political parties except MCP.

The point I am trying to drive in is that, Malawians want a government that will get in power on 21st May and immediately kickstart things. Malawians have no time to elect somebody who will get in there and spend time fighting over government posts while the people in the villages are suffering. What I saw last week is that many of these political parties have no vision , are lacking direction and are just sliding towards the election with the hope that maybe Malawians will be silly enough and vote them in power.


The nomination process exposed lack of organisation by all other political parties except MCP. With a day or two before nomination day UTM and Chilima were still flip-flopping as to how their government will be set up.  They were ready to be in government with Peoples Party of Joyce Banda  and as reports suggest  they also attempted to get in government with UDF’s Atupele Muluzi – all this collapsed and within 24 hours we  were welcomed with news that Michael Usi will be the running mate.  Joyce Banda’s People party were not exempt from the chaos. In one interview on BBC she said she was old and was not standing for presidency, only to see her presenting her nomination papers. Atupele Muluzi was confused and did not know whether he will be part of DPP as a running mate. Well in the end he presented his nomination papers with a surprise pick of Aford’s Frank Tumpale Mwenifumbo as running mate . The Chaos of DPP has well been documented and it would be fair to say even President Mutharika didn’t know who will be his running mate up  until the last day of presenting the nomination papers . His pick of Chimulirenji has already been dubbed the worst political decision ever in the history of Malawi Politics.  From all this, one party emerged the winner. MCP came into this well prepared. Chakwera was first to announce his running mate, which highlighted his organisational skills. The ability to make quick and sound decisions and to be organized and prepared in time is one quality Malawians will need in their future leader.

Ready to govern?

There are a number of empirical evidence that I can present that MCP is well organized and ready to govern.  The structures of the party have been given a new lease of life from all corners of the country. Here is a party that has built itself again from the area, district and regional levels throughout the country. I am told the party is fielding candidates in all the constituencies and not only that , but it has paid nomination fees for all the candidates who struggled to do so. If this does not sound like serious business to somebody, then I do not know what will.

MCP is the only party that even before the launch of its manifesto has unveiled the ideology that will drive its success.  Ideology drives the thinking, and far from just making promises the party has vowed that In their candidate Chakwera, 5 principles will be the pillars of their governance. Known as Chakwera’s Hi 5 which includes servant leadership; prospering together; Ending corruption; Respect of rule of law and Fostering national unity,  the ideology has so far resonated well with people in both urban and rural areas