MCP to form the next government-  Party strategist  Ken Zikhale  Ng’oma Claims

The Director of strategy for the Malawi Congress Party Dr Ken Zikhale Ngoma has claimed that he is certain the opposition Malawi Congress Party will win next year’s general elections and that Dr Lazarus Chakwera will be the next President.  Dr Zikhale made the claims in an exclusive interview with Maravi Post reporter.

Dr Zikhale , a seasoned Politician and one of Malawi’s top political strategists  said after doing his calculations and analysing both current  and previous political trends ,  there is no political party that will come close to matching the number of votes that MCP and Dr Chakwera  will amass next year      “ You see , the voting patterns in Malawi haven’t changed much since 1994 when we had the referendum, and the good thing is that Malawi Congress Party has maintained its core of voters , which gives them so much advantage  going into elections next year” said Zikhale.

MCP strategist Ken Zikhale flanked by MCP diaspora spokesman Chalo Mvula

Zikhale argued that MCP has transformed itself under Chakwera and the party is an inclusive party so it is no longer the party that’s was for the central region but for all Malawians

“ We have Sidik Mia from the south , Harry Mkandawire from the North and even myself I am from the North and if it was the old MCP I couldn’t have been given the role of the party strategist “

He said MCP under Chakwera is geared at ending the rampant corruption that is at the heart of the current DPP government. He claims that a Malawi Congress Party government will aim to strive for fairness for all, meaning people being appointed on positions on merit and not based on where they come from. Fairness for all so that government contracts are given to the right bidders not based on who you are connected with in government. He also touched on education and the issue of quota system saying MCP will end the quota system as it doesn’t represent the fairness the party is fighting for.

On the threat from other political parties, Zikhale said the ruling DPP will struggle to get back in power as their record is full of corruption scandals and nepotism.  Zikhale said the best the ruling party can do is to rig the elections.   When asked to comment on the current issue involving Malawi electoral commission and the voter registration Machine that was found in Mozambique, Zikhale didn’t want to be drawn much into it but highlighted that MCP will make sure that no party rigs the elections . On the increasing threat of the United Transformation Movement under Chilima , Zikhale said  Chilima and UTM will be lucky  to finish even third . “The best they can do is get half million votes , but even that is too much for them . Look what happened to Brown Mpinganjira and his NDA IN 2004. Rallies do not determine votes and Chilima will struggle to get even the numbers that Mpinganjira had “said the ever confident Zikhale.

Ken Zikhale Ngoma who is currently in United Kingdom on political engagements also met up with the Diaspora Wing of the Party in the city of Manchester .  He commended the role the diaspora plays in being the outside voice , raising matters of concern affecting Malawi for the world to see. He further, encouraged the need for the Diaspora to be actively involved in Malawi Politics.  He said MCP has put up structures that recognizes the diaspora and their role in the party and the country as a whole . He said when the party will be in government next year , it will work on the issue of dual citizenship which has received no attention but just fake promises from the ruling DPP government.