Mdoka in Zimbabwe to face Wesley McDade in a non-title fight

Super middleweight Champion of Malawi, Bright Mdoka is set to face Zimbabwean boxer, Wesley McDade in a non-title fight in Zimbabwe on April 27, 2018.

Confirming the development , Mdoka said he has to prove himself that he is really the champion of Malawi and that all is set for the game on Friday on April 27,2018 in Zimbabwe.

“As a champion am very well prepared to face this guy am going there for a win and I hope that I will make it because I have confidence to prove myself, am always in the gym all the time that’s why I have confidence and I promise all Malawians that I will win the fight, am carrying the Malawian flag so I will try my best to became victorious on the day,” he said.

Mdoka will be a fourth boxer to leave the country to fight in foreign country in this month with Israel Kam’wamba, Mussa Ajibu and Limbani Masamba among others who have come winless and others even coming with knockouts which some other boxer lovers have identified it as lack of good preparations to the Malawian boxers.

According to Mdoka this will be a history because he is ready to sacrifice himself for the bout and to maintain his record.

“I am very well prepared to face my opponent and also clear the image that Malawian boxers when they go out they always come with knockout or they do lose so I will go with the mentality of winning the game and painting a good picture of my country because I have carried the flag of Malawi,” he added.

Wesley McDade is one of the good boxers in Zimbabwe who has fought five bouts with a record of winning four and losing one fight.