More people believing in Chilima’s 1 million jobs than Chakwera’s 4 million Jobs

By Durell Namasani

A recent poll conducted by 247 Malawi News suggest more people have faith in Saulos Chilima to deliver 1 million jobs  than Lazarus Chakwera claim  of delivering 4 million jobs to Malawians  when they get in power if  any of them win next year’s general election.

In a sample that used most social media users and those that are either not in employment – it has been established that almost 70% of Malawians have a great understanding of what Saulos Chilima is doing and promises to do in order to reach that milestone of 1 million Jobs. The majority of the respondents were sceptical of Chakwera estimates highlighting that unlike Chilima , Chakwera is failing to articulate how we will go about to deliver the numbers he is claiming

Chilima and Chakwera


MCP leader Chakwera was interviewed by Brian Banda of Times TV in whichhe promised that the MCP government will strive to create 4 million jobs for Malawians.

But coming in defence of Chakwera, Malawi Congress Party Diaspora Wing spokesman Chalo Mvula challenged the poll saying it does not reflect the thinking of all Malawians.  He claimed that the sample used takes people from the rural areas out of the equation.  In commenting on the fact that Chilima seems to have a tangible plan, Mvula said

“People should have listened to the interview Chakwera gave carefully. Chakwera target of 4 million is not only  for the first 12 months as Chilima claims- Chakwera plan is a long term Plan- infact he spoke of putting up job creation  initiatives meaning Malawi will continuously benefit on a long term . We want a Malawi where we can be able to create jobs all the time and not just as short term solution” highlighted Mvula.

MCP and UTM are promising to have a heated debate as the campaign period starts as both of them are pointing fingers at each other for copying policies. Both Parties have not yet officially released their manifestos.