Nurse arrested for attempting to rape pregnant woman

Police in Dedza are keeping in custody a 47 year old man who is a nurse at Kafere Health Centre in the district for allegedly attempting to rape a pregnant woman who went to the facility for medical help.

Spokesperson for Dedza Police, Sub Inspector Edward Kabango said the incident happened last week when the woman went to the health centre to receive treatment for some ailment and the nurse started demanding sex in return for medical services.

“The pregnant woman identified as Juliet Charles aged 22, accompanied by her husband went to Kafere Health Centre to receive treatment after experiencing body pains,” Kabango said.

“The accused who is identified as Sipiliano John ordered the husband to remain outside the consultation room. He then started romancing the woman telling her that if she wanted to be treated well at the facility then she was supposed to have sex with him which the woman refused,” he added.

Kabango said the nurse then rushed to lock the door in order to force the woman to have sex with him but fortunately the woman managed to overpower him and opened the door and reported the matter to her husband.

“Sensing danger, the nurse called the couple and gave them K23, 000.00 to remain quiet and not report to anyone but the couple went ahead and lodged a complaint at the police,” he said.

He said police is keeping the money to be used in court as an exhibit.

Sipiliano John hails from Nsomba village in the area of Traditional Authority Nsomba in Blantyre.

He will appear in court soon to answer to charges of indecent assault, according to Kabango.

further reporting by Mana.