President Mutharika accepts to pave way for Chilima – DPP against his decision

As pressure is mounting for  President Mutharika  to step aside and let his vice president Saulos Chilima stand for the DPP in next year’s election, inside sources have confirmed to 247 Malawi Media that Peter Mutharika has accepted and is willing to retire.

From what started as a mere WhatsApp conversation by former first lady and wife to President Peter Mutharika late brother Bingu, Calista , calling for the president to resign and pave way for the youthful Chilima , there has been growing pressure from within the DPP camp for the President to go .The Chilima camp is growing by the day and the majority of youth committees in the DPP are switching their allegiance to the youthful vice president.

Mutharika and Chilima

“Everyone in DPP knows that the threat of Chakwera and MCP is just too much and we cannot win next year’s elections with Mutharika as our candidate,  The president  has failed Malawians and is not popular anymore  “said one DPP official who asked for anonymity.

However, after taking time to digest what Calista Mutharika has said, President Mutharika has decided that he is ready to retire and pave way for Chilima to stand as the party’s presidential Candidate.

However, Mutharika decision has not gone down well with his inner circle.  The DPP gurus and a team of advisors led by Field Marshal Ben Phiri are pushing for Mutharika to still stand. Many of them have not had great relationship with Chilima and were at the forefront of sidelining the vice president in most things. There is growing fear among this inner circle that if Chilima will get in power, he will not accommodate them in government and might even get them arrested for the many corrupt practices they have done.

Calista Mutharika in her interview attacked those close to Peter Mutharika of misleading him and making him a bad person  Peter Mutharika has expressed that he feels old and is ready to go back to America and  retire .