Refurbishment of the office of the president suspended

Government has today issued a press statement highlighting that the proposed refurbishment of the office of president and cabinet has been suspended .

In a statement signed by Government spokesman Nicholas Dausi, it reads that the government made a decision to refurbish the Office of the President and Cabinet complex building by replacing old carpets, ceiling boards, painting the walls and installing CCTV cameras for security of Government resources including equipment, and replacing the worn-out desks and chairs.
This was done to improve the working environment in the Office of the President and Cabinet, in line with the Strategic Objectives outlines in the Strategic Plan. The office complex has not been refurbished since 1975 and some parts are in poor condition.

Government spokesperson: Nicholas Dausi

Funding for the refurbishment exercise was sourced from the Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development.The repairs and refurbishment were to cover the Office of the President and Cabinet building at Capital Hill in Lilongwe. Due to the amount of money involved, Government resorted to carrying out the work in phases.

The company awarded the contract was EQWIP Interior Works. It was planned to start repairing and refurbishing one wing of the Office of the President and Cabinet building which comprises several rooms including the Chief Secretary’s Office.

The statement did not reveal why this has been suspended. Recently there has been alot of controversy in the office of the president with the revelation of Chief Secretary to Government Lloyd Muhara alleged abuse of office in regards to MK64 furniture procurement for his office through restricted tender.

13th December, 2017