Richard Msowoya denies being swindled money by lawyer Kaphale

By Durell Namasani

Speaker of the national assembly and suspended MCP vice president has denied reports circulating that he was swindled money by renowned lawyer Kalekeni kaphale.

According to the reports, it was rumoured that Hon Richard Msowoya and company have been fooled after they lost close to K7million in legal fees to their lawyer Kalekeni Kaphale whom they hired to seek a court order restraining MCP from affecting their suspension.

The rumour said it  has transpired that Kaphale does not, in the meantime, have a valid licence to practice as a lawyer in the country, as such the injunction is now water under the bridge since the judicial system does not accept a non licenced lawyer to practice. As of now, they are demanding half of the money and Kalekeni Kaphale has refused. They are calling it “theft by trick” since the lawyer did that knowingly that he is not supposed to practice.

Speaker Msowoya

The circulating rumours  suggest that Richard Msowoya  even called the Solicitor General to seek her involvement and intervention since his team felt cheated. He told her that Kaphale knew the truth but demanded the said amount as fees. He said even though there was a sponsor for the case, he still felt that there was need to be told the truth by Kaphale.

However Msowoya has hit back at these malicious claims claiming this in is not true . “ nothing of this sort happened , this is all rubbish”  said Msowoya .

It has been established that the rumours seems to have been started by Msowoya’s political opponents, to discredit him. Msowoya is currently suspended from MCP after he and others wrote the party president questioning him on the direction the party was taking and the lack of respect for positions elected in the previous convention.