Saint- JJC say their Beef not a Publicity Stunt

Despite being seen performing together at a number of shows, Reggae dancehall artisits Saint and JJC says the feud between them is real and that they cannot be wasting time dissing one another just to promote their music.

The two artists confirmed with 247 Malawi that they have beef with
each other and that the two are no longer close friends.
Malawi music industry was thrown out of order some weeks ago when JJC posted on facebook criticizing Saint’s new song Delilah saying it was not a good song. Not only was it shocking to see the two young artists who have done a couple of
projects together attacking each other on social network, the two
artist went on to speak on Joy Nathu’s ‘Made on Monday’ program about their feud making most people believe that the two are really not in good terms.

After the radio interview, romours were all over that JJC was in
studio recording a diss song but surprisingly it is Saint who has come
out with a diss song ‘Warning’ which was released on Monday 1st May.However JJC is said to have responded to Saint song and that his diss song will be released on Monday May 8.

Some reports say this is a fake feud but the two artists still claim
things are not okay between them.
“I am not the one to speak for the people, they have that freedom to
think any how
I don’t think artists in Malawi they go famous than we already are.
You can go every where in Malawi, our names are there, we had
misunderstanding at my show, I posted something bad about him on my Facebook page.That’s how it all started,” said JJC who collaborated with Saint in his two songs ‘Mumamva bwanji’ and ‘Jangiriya remix’.

On the other hand Saint said there is nothing like a publicity Stunt
and that the two are no longer friends.
“It is just a coincedence that this has happened soon after releasing
my song ‘Delilah’.The truth of the matter iso that the boy provoked me
and i had nothing else to do than to respond the way i did because i
am human also,”he said.