Simbi Phiri Transforms Whole Village In A MK1billion Worth Project

People of Lumbe Village in Traditional Authority Mlonyeni are all smiles following a total transformation of their village from a traditional settlement  to a modern, well-planned locality under a MK 1 billion project by businessman Simbi Phiri who owns Khato Holdings.

The massive humanitarian construction sees total transformation of the village from grass-thatched houses to modern units, unprotected water sources to portable and treated tap water, darkness to electricity among other contrasts.Under construction are 50 housing units with a shower and toilet inside. In a village of close to 50 families it comes as common calculation that each family will have a new house.Each house will also be fitted with solar-powered electricity.

In his remarks, Village Headman Lumbe was all praises for how Simbi has become a true son of the land since he arrived in the area.

“When he first came here decades back to ask for settlement land we never thought he was going to transform this area like this. Look now at his magnificent vast farm which has his three-storey beautiful mansion plus many other houses. This reconstruction of Lumbe Village tallies with his standards as he wants us to experience the good modern life he is used to,” said Lumbe.

Taonga Botolo, Media and Public Relations Manager for Khato Holdings and Spokesperson for Simbi Phiri, confirmed the initiative his boss has undertaken to help improve the people’s livelihood especially considering that these families are his ‘neighbours’.

“Mr. Phiri grew up in the village, he understands what people in the village go through. As such he was not happy at all to see his neighbours at his farm in Mchinji, living in abject poverty while he and his family lived in comfort next door, it really touched him.

He therefore decided to assist each and every family in Lumbe village with a decent house. Consider this as his humble contribution to his neighbours,” said Botolo,  adding that Simbi Phiri thoroughly consulted with Malawi government, through the Social Welfare Department and the District Commissioner’s office, among others, before embarking on the massive project.

Khato is currently implementing a multibillion Kwacha Lake Malawi Water Supply Project, which on completion, will greatly improve water supply in, Salima, Dowa and Lilongwe, Malawi’s capital. Commissioning of the project is expected to take place in April this year.