Steve Special fires shots at Dan Lu in his new song

Following the alleged explicit photo scandal of the Afro-Pop singer Dan Lu, singer cum producer Steve Chinga Moffati popularly known as Steve Special has released a dis song aiming at the Sweet Banana hit maker.
Dan Lu recently made headlines on social media after sexual explicit photos which are alleged to be his, surfaced online.

Some unconfirmed reports indicated that the nude photos were leaked by unidentified sex worker whom the singer slept with but did not sort her payment.

The alleged scandal seemed to have irked a number of people including Steve Special who went into the studio to record a diss song aiming at Dan Lu.
In the new song circulating on social media the ‘Kwacha’ singer who is the son of late gospel songbird Grace Chinga, advises the dreadlocked musician to stop leaking his own nude photos for fame.
In the song Steve says:
“Anthu akamakulangiza, zomwe ukupangazo mzonyasa/ukumati akumva pain/Anthu sakumva pain, akungodana ndi zolakwikazo iwe/ndiwe munthu wamkulu/tamaganiza ngati wamkulu chonde/”
This seems to be a direct answer to Dan Lu’s hit ‘Akumva Pain which was released two months ago.
Steve went on to warn Dan Lu that he will rot in hell if he continues doing bad things just for the sake of fame.

In the last verse the song now centers on the nude photos as the singer went into describing what he saw in the alleged Dan Lu photos.
“Akuti ndi ma celebrity akomedwa ndi zamdziko ili/Alibenso umunthu angofuna kutchuka inu/Ayamba kuyenda chovula/Ayamba kuonetsa zodula/mumudziwe Yesu mukuyenera mulape/zomatchukira ma nude musiye/…..”

Meanwhile Dan Lu is yet to comment on the matter but before the Steve Special song the singer seamed to have responded to his critics in another song titled Daily.
In the song which was released soon after the alleged scandal Dan Lu was heard asking God to guide and protect him from his enemies as they always try to come up with a false story with an aim of tarnishing his image.
It remains to be seen if the ‘Part of Life’ singer who has been in the music business for over a decade will respond to Steve Special’s song.