Three women arrested for tying girls’private parts

Police in Dedza are keeping in custody three women for tying private
parts of a 17 year old girl with an aim of making her labia minora
grow to be attractive to men.

According to Dedza police spokes person Sub Inspector Edward Kabango,
the incident happened on March 10 this year at a Tomato garden where
the trio together with the girl, went to harvest tomatoes.

“In the course of their work the women started advising the girl to
prepare fully for marriege by making her private parts attractive so
that she should not be divorced. Later on they tied her private parts
with a string.”

Kabango further said that on 16th this month the girls’ mother noticed
that her daughter had difficulties when walking and later discovered
that she was passing on urine without control.
When asked the girl revealed what happened and her mother reported
the matter to police.

The three women are Sellina Yohane, 38 from Sambuyo Village, Felista
Ateve 33 , and Joyce Sitole 40, all from Kaulemaonde village
Traditional Authority Kamenyagwaza in Dedza.
The trio will answer charges of causing grevious harm.