UTM-UK wing distances itself from a leaked sex tape involving its member

United Transformation party UK wing has found itself trying to distance the party from a leaked sex tape involving one of its members which has gone viral. The party wing has issued a statement after Sipho Chipeta, a member of the group, had his sex tape which he filmed with another renown UK based sex worker Andulire has found itself being shared on Whatsapp.

In the video which 247 Media has seen, Sipho and the lady are heard  screaming “UTM Boma”!!! When asked about his reaction to the video leak Chipeta said, “My lawyers will advise me on how to respond on those videos. I don’t think people should bother much on those videos. They should put their energies immigration issues, visa and how to secure jobs in UK, What will the public benefit from those sexual videos part from myself who is being allegedly to have done it”.

The Lady in the Video , a malawian popular on social media as “Andu this Andu that” Openly talks about her Career as an Escort. Last year , she hit the British Newspapers headlines  after revealing that Former Manchester City Player Yaya Toure was one of her clients

Andu- Video gone viral with UTM-UK member

Meanwhile, the UTM-UK wing in a press release dated December 23 has distanced its from the sexual scandal saying the video aims at tarnishing the party’s name.

“UTM-UK would like to condemn in its strongest terms a recent video that has gone viral on social media aimed at tarnishing the name and image of UTM. This video does not in any way reflect the values and the moral ethics that we as UTM –UK uphold.

“It is against our cultural and moral values to share such explicit images and let alone implicate the name of the party. The people involved in this video are not in any way associated with our party,” reads the statement.

It adds, “UTM UK would like to remind the community that it is against the law to use and tarnish the name of the party through such explicit images.

“We as UTM UK respect the moral and ethical values of our society. We would like to call upon all Malawians within the country and abroad to harness and consolidate their energy and efforts at finding solutions to the plight that is affecting poor Malawians as a result of poor governance”.