Social Media activist Lyton Mangochi claims assassins hunting for his life

By Vincent Gunde

Karonga based rights activist Lyton Mangochi claims that he has been reliably informed that some people have been sent to ambush him asking those who have been sent what is it that he has done warranting some people to take his life.

Mangochi has asked the authorities in Malawi that from June, 2020 when President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera was voted into government what is it that Chakwera has done for Malawians to stand up and praise him.


He has challenged all that are hunting for his life to make a research from 2020 to 2024 showing achievements of President Chakwera in government claiming that on the ground there is zero only the country reporting death resulting from no medicines in hospitals.

Speaking through a video clip circulating in various social media platforms, Mangochi has asked the MCP government to address the challenges Malawians are sailing through other than wasting time organizing secret meetings to eliminate his life for speaking the truth that Malawians are in pain and suffering.

Mangochi said it is sad that President Chakwera has a praise team which is praising him for being a good leader in Malawi wondering what exactly is the praise team praising him while many citizens in Malawi are in poverty and in hunger crisis.

He said the roads of Malawi are in pathetic conditions citing Chiweta Road saying Rumphi East Parliamentarian Kamlepo Kalua wanted to speak justice in Parliament but was blocked not to speak by Speaker of Parliament Catherine Gotani-Hara.

The activist has claimed that if the MCP led government has registered achievements under its rule is low salaries for civil servants, devaluation of the Malawi Kwacha and hunger crisis saying well-meaning Malawians can not praise Chakwera for this.

He said the MCP led government is taking Malawians for granted assuring it that he will not stop speaking for the voiceless citizens in Malawi that are failing to make their ends meet in their everyday life situations.

“School fees for secondary and tertiary education has gone up beyond the reach of the poor Malawian, man-made hunger is in the midst of the citizens, government wants to frustrate me not to speak for the voiceless citizens,” said Mangochi.

He has finally welcomed all that have been sent to take away his life to come to Karonga saying his house is behind central Southern Bottlers, the same house where soldiers of the Malawi Defense Force (MDF) picked him.