Aaron Xhali prophecies about Bushiri’s presidency in 2025

By Vincent Gunde

One of the renown Prophet Aaron Xhali, has made a prophecy that the Lord-God has gave him a message for Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) Church to pray for Prophet Shephered Bushiri that he has God’s full back-up for a presidential hopeful in 2025.

Prophet Xhali said God has given Prophet Bushiri presidency in his country besides mankind fighting this man and discrediting him, God has spoken to him and he has seen him holding a presidential seat inside the presidential Palace.


He said he has never met Prophet Bushiri physically and he is not trying to buy his face but simply telling what to say saying he is only prophecy that Jesus has told him to pray for the man of God as he is about to take the challenging presidency in Malawi.

Speaking to his congregation through a preaching trending in various social media platforms, Prophet Xhali said he is aware that some other people will not like Bushiri to be the President while others will say “Yes” assuring the congregation that Bushiri will be a statesman in Malawi.

Prophet Xhali encouraged Jesus followers, Jesus’s nation and his followers around the world to pray for Prophet Bushiri so that the will of God must be done saying it is about time for prophets, Pastors, Apostles and men of God to occupy strategic positions in government for the benefit of the Kingdom.

He has dismissed claims which other people will be making of him that people should not recruit prophets and Pastors to hate Prophet Bushiri advising all that if the man of God offended them, if they are Christians, they must forgive him because it is too long.

“Whatever he did, I am not involved, don’t recruit us in hating Prophet Bushiri, if you are a Christian, you must forgive him, it is too long,” said Prophet Xhali in a message trending on social media.

Meanwhile, True Freedom Fighters Movement face book page has announced that on 3rd May, 2024 Malawians will be in the streets holding demonstrations to force Prophet Shephered Bushiri to stand for the 2025 presidential race.

“Dates and venues for the demonstrations will be announced later,” reads the communication in part.