ACB, NAC integrate in fighting against corruption

By Wilfred Golden

Malawi’s graft-bursting body Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) has made a partnership with National Aids Commission (NAC) to integrate in different activities that will help in the fight against fraud and corruption as it is aligned with their mandate.

During the signing of Memorandum of Understanding(MoU) in Lilongwe, NAC Chief Executive Officer(CEO) Dr. Beatrice Matanje said this MoU will help in consolidating efforts to prevent corruption and fraud within their operations inline with the corrupt practices act as well as fraud and corruption prevention policy.

“We are here to commit ourselves as NAC from all levels starting with the board, management and staff so that the public resources that are entrusted with us are efficiently used but also prevented from being subjected to corruption.

“So we do have an institutional integrity committee that monitors what we have put in this policy and also in this MoU, this is just to assure you that we are really in good partnership with ACB in the fight against corruption,” Matanje said.

She also highlighted that this has been necessitated inline with national direction to prevent corruption as it is a mandate that every public institution that is entrusted with public resources has to be guarded under corrupt practices act.

On his part, deputy Director General at ACB Hillary Chilomba said this is a great milestone as they already have good established infrastructures with NAC in the work against corruption and this has just helped them to put strong strategies one of it being monitoring, so they have a team of experts that will be looking into all the necessary strategies.

The MoU will guide the two public institution in ensuring strong transparency and accountability in their operations.