AFCOMA gives Ben Longwe 7 days ultimatum to apologize over abusive audio clip

By Wilfred Golden

Association of Former Councilors in Malawi (AFCOMA) has given activist Ben Longwe 7 days deadline to withdraw his abusive words that he recently made in a leaked audio.

Longwe, made the abusive words on social media threatening Lilongwe District Commissioner, Lawford Palani on the organized demonstrations in the city of Lilongwe.

But in addressing members of the media on friday, AFCOMA Acting President, Samson Chaziya, suggested it is unlawful to make such remarks describing the sentiments to be baseless as the activists are doing this for their personal gains and they are appealing for change as such attacks are taken to be personal.

Members of AFCOMA addressing the media in Lilongwe

“The danger of this is that it is bringing confusion to the country, you know we have been hearing of wars in Israel, Ukraine, it starts like this, so if we allow the nation to be divided a war might erapt in this country.

“So as Association of Former Councilors in Malawi, we appeal to people and organizations who are doing this to stop with immediate effect, not to wait for this country to be put into war, we are giving them 7 days to apologize and withdraw the statements. We are not against demonstrations as they are human rights but it has to follow right procedures not just walking up and start betraying Malawians in the name of fighting for their rights, failure to do this we are going to take another step on them,”said Chaziya.

Meanwhile, Longwe is yet to comment on the matter.