Billy Kaunda back with Hymms album

Seasoned musician Billy Kaunda has unveiled his 13th studio album Hymns which is a collection of cover songs from different hymn books.

The musician has for long associated himself with the gospel theme as reflected in most of his compositions; hence his latest move will not surprise fans.

The album, produced and recorded by music genius Lulu at his Mathumela Studios, comprises 14 songs. Some of the titles in the album are Ndikonda Mulungu, Sing’anga Mkulu, Hossana, Akhristu LimbikaniKwa Inu Yesu, Mtidzutse Ambuye and Wina Atikonda, among others.

Billy Kaunda

Two out of the 14 tracks, Kwa Inu Yesu and Ndidze Pafupipa have been done in acoustic version while the rest contain full instrumentation with siblings Chinsinsi and Chisomo Kambwiri providing the backing vocals.

Other prominent names that have featured in the project are Dan Sibale on the saxophone while Victor Kambana, Lulu and Billy Kaunda Jnr took turns on the keyboards. Billy Jnr and Lulu’s prowess were also used on the lead guitar and drums.

In an interview, Kaunda said as the world is still grappling with the threat of the novel coronavirus, it is paramount for people should come together and place their faith in God to see them through.

He said: “Almost everything has been tried. People have deployed a number of scientific methods, but the battle is still far from being won. In this moment we need to conjure God’s spirit so that He can come to our rescue.”

His remarks are almost reflected in the song Mtidzutse Mbuye in which he sings: “Tidzutse Mbuyetu, tiwonekeremu, muneneza kumvekazi, timvere ifetu…tidzutse mbuyetu, tipatse moyonso, mudzetu mbuye, tidzalitsenimo…”

Kaunda said as someone with a strong background in gospel music, he did not find challenges in adapting to his new terrain.

The project has also seen the introduction of Billy Jnr, who is a student pilot at Madiba Bay School of Flight in South Africa. He showed his versatility by switching from keyboards and the lead guitar in the production of the album.

Billy Jnr said he felt honoured to have been roped into the project: “I have always been into music from my days at school where I played in the band. This is probably the beginning of good things. I plan to work with my dad again.”

The album is currently being sold online. Three videos for songs Ndimkonda Mulungu, Sing’anga Mkulu and Nkwabwino Kukhulupira have already been produced.

Original Post from Malawi Nation