Brian Banda resign from Times over corruption accusations

Unconfirmed reports are indicating that journalist and media maverick Brian Banda has resigned from times over professional misconduct. Brian is said to have been summoned to a disciplinary hearing because he solicited kick backs from a UN official for him to slot an interview with the official. The UN office wrote the Media company informing it, on their bewilderment with Bandas corrupt advances. Social media is also awash with reports that management has been having problems with Bandas vivid alignment with the opposition, as he seemingly used times as a platform to advance MCPs political cause. Banda, made a name for himself in his days at Capital FM, later he became State House press officer under former president, Joyce Banda. He later joined Times Group. His charismatic persona, intrinsic questioning during interviews, and his cunning drive during phone-in programs have earned him a big name and accolades over the years. He is a big loss to Times but their reputation and impartiality is more valuable to preserve as a media entity. Rumour has it that he harbours an ambition to start a media company. Whatever direction he will take from here, we wish Brian well in his future endeavors.