Candidates will not use Government resouces-MEC

By Mary Makhiringa

Malawi Electoral Commission Chief Elections Officer, Andrew Mpesi, has disclosed that the newly enacted electoral laws prohibit aspirants to use government resources during campaign meetings.

He said this in Balaka on Thursday during a dissemination meeting of the newly enacted electoral laws.

Chief Elections Officer Andrew Mpesi

Mpesi said government officers vying for any political position will only be allowed to use their entitled resources such as a vehicle, security or a driver.

Said Mpesi: “The law has a safety valve, thus, if you are holding a public office at that time, you cannot take away security, vehicle, driver because it is statutory to provide such to the person, for example the Head of State.

“Let me give another example; suppose I am a cabinet minister, and I use a government vehicle to ferry people to my political rally, this is not acceptable. The law forbids wanton use of government resources for political gains.”

District Commissioner for Balaka, Tamanya Harawa, hailed MEC for the dissemination meeting saying the information will help citizens to be aware of the new laws.

“We are all are aware that voting used to start from 6am to 6pm but the new law has changed all that such that polling centres will open from 6am to 4pm.

“This is one of the things that all eligible voters must know to avoid people missing out voting because of time,” he said.

Inkosi Senior Chief Chanthunya commended MEC for disseminating the new laws pledging to disseminate the same to his subjects.