Chakwera says economic development for Least Developed Countries remains imperative

By Kondanani Chilimunthaka

The 5th United Nations Conference on the Least Developed Countries has ended in Doha, Qatar with President Lazarus Chakwera emphasizing the need for LDCs to be economically developed, saying their development remains imperative and urgent if the global economy is to succeed.

He made these remarks on Thursday, 9th March, 2023 during the closure of the UN Conference on LDCs held in Doha.

“The Least Developed Countries must be Next to Develop. This is non-negotiable. This is imperative. This is urgent. If that does not happen, and our nations fall behind in achieving Sustainable Development Goals, it will spell disaster for the global community and be a failure for the entire UN family, and that is a failure no UN member must find acceptable.” Said Chakwera.

Further, Chakwera commended all the Member States to LDCs for a successful conference not only because it has given the LDCs a Plan of action, but also because the Summit has offered the 46 Members States new resources and fresh momentum for the decade of implementation ahead.

Here, President Chakwera whose term of office as chairman for LDCs has ended at the closing down of the Summit acknowledged the presence of United Nations officials as a recognition by the UN that the economic growth of LDCs remains a must as far as global development is concerned.

Chakwera whom in his speech outlines some of the major challenges that have hit Least Developed Countries in the recent times including the impact of Climate change and wars in the Eastern Europe, said time has come for all UN members and bodies to put their hands together in saving not only the LDCs but the global economy.

Chakwera who has at the end of the Summit handed over the chairmanship of the grouping to Nepal added that there is a great need for the Member States under LDCs to keep working together to achieve their aspirations together, thereby pledging his full support to the incoming chairman of the block to achieve the work plan agreed at Doha Conference.

“In that spirit of working together, as I hand over the chairmanship of LDCs to Nepal, I pledge my full support to a successful tenure of implementation for the new chair.

But I want you to know that what I look forward to the most, even more than I had been looking forward to this Summit, is that day in the near future when there will be no more LDCs Summits. What I look forward to is that day in the near future when our shared aspirations to graduate all 46 of our economies to middle-income status would have been fulfilled. What I look forward to is that day in the near future when the Doha Programme of Action would have become the Doha Celebration of Achievement.” Chakwera emphasized while delivering his closing speech to the Summit and handing over the chairmanship to Nepal for the next one year.

Chakwera has since commended Qatar for successfully hosting the Summit, and all LDC Members for their support and solidarity with Malawi as he was chairing the block.