Chakwera’s social cash transfer program excites people of Blantyre

By Andrew Ndhlovu

The resumption of Social Cash Transfer Programme (SCTP) has brought about ecstasy to the people of the Southern Region that finally they can have money to purchase food and other needs to ease their daily livelihood.

The aim of SCTP is to reduce poverty and hunger, and to improve children’s human development.

Speaking to some beneficiaries of the program that talked to this reporter, Mark Chibwe said they are happy with Malawi Congress Party (MCP) led administration by Dr. Lazarus Chakwera for fulfilling his promises that he will make sure that no one dies of hunger in the country.

President Chakwera and Rory Stewart of Give Directly who previously donated to ward the cash transfer

“I am very excited that finally I have received the money through SCTP as earlier promised by our lovely President Chakwera that he will make sure that we get the money to sustain our life. With this money I will buy food and the remaining cash will start up a small business,” Chibwe said.

He further said Dr. Chakwera’s administration is the best compared to the past regimes that only targetted few individuals known to the ruling party.

“I can say that this government is good in terms of looking at the people’s lives than the previous government, here am I receiving this money, if it were in past I could not get it because I was not supporting them but MCP for government, everyone is equal without looking at which party you support,” Chibwe said.

Mercy Kadathala of Chirimba said at first she thought she was dreaming until her friends told her that its true people are receiving the money.

“When I was alerted on the phone I thought it was one of those scammers, until a friend of mine told me that she has also got her money,” Kadathala said.

Commenting on the development one of political commentator Moffat Chinombo has acknowledge that MCP government led by Dr. Lazarous Chakwera SCTP is on right track.

“Lets appreciate when someone does well, Dr Chakwera and his government is doing well in all the areas especially this so call Mtukula Pakhomo, people are now getting the money that will ease their lives and take them through their problems. But I would like if the programme could priorities the elderly, widows and Orphans,” Chinombo said.

MCP government through Ministry of Gender, Community Development and social Welfare announced the increment in the number of SCTP beneficiaries by 71 percent.

The Government of Malawi’s Social Cash transfer programme started in 2006 targeting ultra-poor, labour constrained conditions.

We can comfortably say that people all over Malawi are happy with Dr Chakwera leadership.