Chiefs urge communities to embrace spirit of sharing

By Patience Gama Jnr

Chiefs from Traditional Authority (T/A) Nkalo in Chiradzulu have called upon affluent individuals in the area to embrace a spirit of sharing by providing food to needy families, as hunger has reached critical levels.

Chief Ntiyana made these remarks during a distribution event by the Friends of Nkalo charity organization FONCO) where maize flour, soy pieces, and buckets were distributed to elderly and disabled individuals in the community.

He encouraged people to share whatever they can spare with those suffering from hunger.

“We have observed that many people are struggling with hunger. Let me thank our friends for pooling money from their own pockets to assist those in need,” he said.

Speaking after the donation, group chairperson Moffat Banda pledged to continue raising funds to purchase additional food items.

He also advised recipients not to sell the items they received.

“We have witnessed the suffering firsthand. Upon our return, we will discuss how we can further aid our fellow community members, as we do not receive any external funding,” he explained

Lucy Kiwa expressed gratitude to the group for the food, mentioning that for the past two days, they had been relying solely on pumpkin vegetables.

“May God bless them for remembering us; we have been truly saved,” she said