Citizens pleads with Sports Ministry to support all sports bodies

By Vincent Gunde

A concerned citizen of Malawi Isaiah Emmanuel Sunganimoyo, has called on the Ministry of Sports and Malawi Council of Sports to provide equal support to all sports bodies without segregation for all to feel that they are affiliated to their mother body.

Sunganimoyo said he has been reliably informed that some sports bodies receive government money amounting to K5 million for its activities every year saying if this indeed is true, the government must step in to review for all sports bodies to deliver good results.

He said he has learnt that the Malawi Boxing Association (MABA) is appealing for the support of K10 million to enable their boxers travel to South Africa for a Boxing tournament saying this appeal should go to the government to fund the boxers.

Speaking through a video clip circulating in various social media platforms, Sunganimoyo said he had time to consult sports bodies on how much budget is needed to run their activities for the whole year observing that K50 to K60 million is a good figure and not K5 million.

He has called for equality of all sports bodies saying they are there to produce players who will in turn raise the Malawi flag high at international levels claiming that supporting MABA with K10 million they will come back home with K50 million meaning that government has made profit.

Isaiah Emmanuel Sunganimoyo.-sports bodies must be treated equally.

The citizen said he would have loved that all sports bodies affiliated to Malawi Sports Council such as Volleyball, Basketball, Chess, NAM and MABA, and others, should not be under-looked wondering as to when will the government recognize them as big sporting organizations.

“For years, sports bodies are categorized into big and small, this must be put to a stop for all the sports categories to benefit equally,” said Sunganimoyo.

He has thanked President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera for allowing Minister of Finance Simplex Chithyola Banda to put a side a budget of K7 billion to go towards the development of sports in the country.

Sunganimoyo said this money is so huge to benefit over 45 sports bodies affiliated to Malawi Council of Sports advising the officials to share the money to all sports disciplines saying if it is to abuse the cash they should do it by themselves and not the Ministry of Sports and Sports Council officials sharing into their pockets.