College construction substandard work irks Labour Minister Nyalonje

By Robert Nayeja

Minister of Labour, Agnes NyaLonje, has expressed disappointment with substandard construction works of Mtowe Community Technical College in Nsanje District.

NyaLonje said it is worrisome that the technical college failed to be finalised unlike other colleges in Machinga and Chiradzulu districts after being allocated equal budgets.

“It is surprising that other colleges in the same category were finalised and are of good quality using the same allocated resources and remaining with few final touches but Mtowe Technical College has a long way to be completed.

“Further, it is of poor quality such that some structures have already developed cracks,” she said after touring the project on Friday.


She said her ministry will investigate matters surrounding the project.

NyaLonje was surprised that the contractor went with a certificate of completion and a lot of money was paid yet constriction hasn’t been finalised.

“We have so many questions; what happened? Where is the money for the project? Who allowed this to happen? Those questions have to be answered,” said NyaLonje.

She has warned that government will not tolerate any negative issue in government projects.

She, therefore, called upon the people of Nsanje to actively participate in project implementation as one way of ensuring quality in projects.

The Minister has promised the people of Nsanje that government will make sure that the project is completed so that the youth in the district should benefit as others are doing.

Nsanje District Council Chairperson, Mike Kafalachi, said for a long time the district has been a victim of substandard construction works and there is need for government to task contractors who offer substandard work.

Kafalachi revealed that Nsanje District Council was not involved in any way regarding construction of the college which started in 2019.