Cracking the ring:The hunt for motorcycle thieves in Lilongwe

By Twink Jones Gadama

In a remarkable display of investigative work, the police in the capital Lilongwe have successfully apprehended seven young men suspected of stealing motorcycles from a Chinese national’s warehouse.

This significant breakthrough comes after a prior incident where criminals,aided by the shop’s security guards, had managed to haul away a staggering amount of motorcycles and clothing.

The recovery of stolen motorcycles has shed light on a larger network of criminals operating in Lilongwe.

Unraveling the Mystery

According to Lilongwe Police Station Public Relations Officer (PRO) Hastings Chigalu, last year’s heist involving the shop yielded a grand total of 46 motorcycles and 84 bales of clothing, collectively worth K155 million.

Delving deeper into the case, Chigalu disclosed that the recently apprehended suspects – Davie Livalo, Paul Mkambeni, Aaron Jere, Chifundo Makele, Ken Mbewe, Tamandani Matope, and Chifundo Phiri – were linked to the stolen goods.

The police had ascertained that they were involved in the motorcycle taxi business within Lilongwe, specifically in areas 25 and 50, utilizing the stolen motorcycles.

The Raid and Recoveries

Utilizing their newfound information, the police initiated a raid on the suspects’ residences, resulting in the recovery of six stolen motorcycles.

However, their pursuit did not end there, as they continued their efforts to locate more stolen goods.

In a joint effort with the authorities in Nkhotakota,further five motorcycles were discovered.

These successful recoveries have provided investigators with valuable leads to pursue.

The Elusive Ring Leader

While significant progress has been made, the police remain resolute in their efforts to bring the entire criminal network to justice.

Investigators have identified a key suspect believed to be the ring leader, known as Nana.

A manhunt has been launched to capture this individual, who is presumed to possess vital knowledge about the inner workings of the operation.


The recent crackdown on motorcycle thieves operating in Lilongwe marks a significant victory for law enforcement.

The police are diligently piecing together evidence, connecting the dots, and tracking down those responsible for a series of audacious thefts.

The recovery of stolen motorcycles and the arrests of individuals associated with the crimes provide hope that the full extent of this criminal network will soon be exposed and dismantled.

The dedication and perseverance of the police in Lilongwe offer the city’s residents a renewed sense of security, reinforcing the message that crime will not go unpunished in their community.