DADEN commits to improve quality of education in Dowa

By Vincent Gunde

The Dowa District Education Network (DADEN) working under the Civil Society Organizations Network for the district, says it is committed to make sure that the quality of education in the district’s schools is improving for effective teaching and learning.

The Network said the success of one institution can contribute to the successes of other institutions in the district by sitting down together to share the common projects which are being implemented the district.

Speaking during a meeting which brought together members drawn from CSOs implementing education projects in the district held at DAPP-Dzaleka Teachers Training College, the Network’s chairperson Gift Mwale, said the meeting was organized for the network members to share what they are doing in the district and the challenges they are facing in the education sector.

Members of Dowa District Education Network pose for a group photo.

Mwale said he has been impressed with what CSOs in education sectors are doing in the district and will share the good news to the council so that together in partnership can work to address the challenges to improve the quality of education in the district.
“We will share with the council what we are facing on the ground in order to improve the education sector in Dowa district,” he said.
Mwale appealed to existing CSOs implementing education programs and new partners to join the networking assuring them that in unity there’s power saying the knowledge shared can lead to the success of the district in the education sector.

In his remarks, College Principal DAPP-Dowa Blessings Kambewa, said the district has so many things hindering education to move forward such as absenteeism of learners and community participation for the network to deal with those challenges to make the district at par with other districts in Malawi.

Kambewa said DAPP-Dowa as an education institution, will continue training teachers to make sure that they are really needed in the society to fulfill its vision of producing teachers who can work anywhere in the country and make a lot of contributions around apart from helping learners to learn effectively in schools.
“We will continue helping the networking process so that education should be of good standards in the district,” said Kambewa.