Dek Engineering set to launch energy-saving Eka-Lite LED bulbs

By Chisomo Phiri

Dek Engineering and Electrical Contractors Private Limited, a Malawian company that manufactures electrical and electronics gadgets says will on May 29,2024 launch its first product called Eka-Lite LED bulbs at Golden Peacock Hotel in Lilongwe.

In an interview with 247 Malawi News, Dek Engineering and Electrical Contractors Private Limited Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Daniel Ekali Kwizombe explained that Eka-lite LED bulbs are energy saver bulbs which use about 10 percent of energy that the ordinary incandescent bulbs (IBs) use while giving the same amount of light.


He said Eka-Lite LED bulbs have many advantages over traditional lighting technologies.

“They are smaller, have a longer operating life, and involve a lower cost of ownership. Eka-Lite LED bulbs consume less energy than energy savers and incandescent bulbs, making them an idela choice for businesses looking to reduce their electricity costs,” said Kwizombe.

He added that Eka-Lite LED bulbs are an energy-efficient lighting solution that will help reduce energy consumption and costs.

DEK Engineering and Electrical Contractors is a leading electrical and electronics engineering company registered in 2010.

With a diverse portfolio of electrical and electronics work, the company specializes in: domestic and industrial installations, electrical contracting and sustainable energy solutions to combat Malawi’s energy crisis.

Its mission is to provide premium long-lasting light and energy solutions that sustain communities with safe, reliable and efficient products and services with competitive cutting-edge technology resulting in good financial return for shareholders.