Deputy Minister Chaola Mdooko raises concern over sub-standard work

By Lawrence Chilomo-Mana

Deputy Minister of Education Nancy Chaola Mdooko has expressed concern over sub-standard construction work of a school block at Jombo Primary School in Chikwawa District.

Speaking after inspecting the project on Wednesday, Mdooko emphasized that the contractor should redo the work, saying that her ministry prioritizes quality buildings.

“I am not satisfied with the way the school block is being constructed. The contractor should believe in quality work, and therefore they should redo the work,” Mdooko said.

Mdooko then commended the community and the contractor for maintaining a good relationship during the project implementation.

In his statement, the contractor, Simon Yotamu, explained that the construction work has been affected by rain, resulting in poor quality output.

“The construction work has been affected by rain, causing the cement to lose quality. But I am confident everything will be well,” said Yotamu.

In her remarks, head teacher for Jombo Primary School, Rhoda Malunga expressed optimism that the newly constructed school block, once completed, will reduce overcrowding in classrooms, which she said remains a big challenge at the school.

“Shortage of school blocks is a big challenge we are experiencing here. This project is surely a welcome development as it will help us have enough classrooms,” said Malunga.