DoDMA calls for diversification in farming

By Emmanuel Moyo

The Department of Disaster and Management Affairs (DoDMA) has urged farmers in Karonga District to practice diversification in farming with an aim of suiting amounts of rainfall that the District will receive.

Deputy Director for Risk Reduction at DoDMA, Fedson Chikuse made the remarks on Tuesday at Karonga Museum following revelation that dry spells are very likely to happen in January 2022 in the District as predicted by the Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services.

Fedson Chikuse

In areas where there has been prediction of low rainfall and likelihood of dry spells, we advise farmers to grow variety of crops that will match the amount of rainfall, Karonga is well known for growing rice so the type of rice should be that which matches the predicted rainfall amounts. Chikuse said.

On his part, Karonga District Commissioner Paul Kalilombe said the district is ready to reduce impact of low rainfall amounts and described the dissemination about rainfall amounts as very essential to communities that rely on farming.
As a district, we are ready because we have been doing preparations for a long time like providing equipment for measuring water levels, so dissemination about rainfall amounts is very necessary as this will help a lot of people who rely on rains to plan properly. He said.

According to the seasonal weather forecast by the Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services, in January 2022, the northern and southern parts of Karonga are likely to receive rainfall amounts between 175-210mm.
The department adds that areas of Traditional Authority Kyungu, Karonga Town and Nyika National Park will receive less rainfall amounts between the range of 75-140mm and likelihood of prolonged dry spells in January is very likely.