DPP should be the last to question Tonse Government unfulfilled promises

By Alfred Chauwa 

DPP has no moral grounds to question Dr Lazarus Chakwera over unfulfilled promises and yet DPP spent 12 years in power with nothing tangible to show on their promises. 

Other people can do but not DPP, they have nothing to show. Its better for DPP to just sit on their tails because, if we debate on the same Dr Lazarus Chakwera has even done much much better in 8 months as compared to DPP.

DPP during its campaigns for example that of 2014 promised that to create a conducive environment for wealth creation, more sustainable pro-growth jobs, especially for youths.

This was a great lie of the highest order. DPP failed to create wealth for all Malawians . What Malawians know is that DPP created wealth only for people from the Lhomwe Belt that is why 70% of MADEF loans were distributed to the Lhomwe Belt of Phalombe , Blantyre, Chiladzulu, Thyolo and Mulanje. On this area Dr Lazarus Chakwera has done well because he has stressed that NEEF loans should benefit everybody. 

On Macro-economic situation DPP promised to fast track developing activities by among other things empowering Malawians with soft loans and ensure that economy was on track, again DPP failed on this promise. Dr Chakwera is doing well on financial policy since he took over power from DPP.

He has managed to resuscitate the economy and stabilise prices despite the challenges of the Corona Virus pandemic. Private sector credit has drastically improved due to low cost borrowing. 

Chakwera has continued to implement sound fiscal discipline to the extent that experts have commended him for the same and have since projected that the economy is to grow tremendously in few months to come. 

In eight months , Dr Chakwera has managed to increase fiscal space for investment making investment more conducive. 

On education sector , DPP promised state of the art Mombera University in Mzimba using their local resources. That never happened what they only did was to construct a seven Kilometres tarmac road. Up to now no one knows if the said roads will be turned into Lecture theatres and classroom blocks. 

Again let me remind DPP that on infrastructure development DPP promised a one stop boarder post at Mchinji Mwami Boarder, Songwe Kasumulu Boarder that has never taken place. 

Again DPP promised introduction of electronic buses and trains Blantyre and Lilongwe to reduce traffic. That never took place. DPP failed to construct Dowa-Chezi road, Lirangwe-Namatunu Machinga road, 

In Lilongwe , DPP promised to construct Likuni – Malingunde Road, while in Mangochi, DPP promised Mangochi – Makanjira all that never took place. That is why we are saying DPP should put their hands off in all the Tonse Government promises debate. 

It should also be put on record that President Chakwera , Vice President Saulos Klaus Chilima are having sleepless nights of ensuring social economic development of the country. 

The promises the current administration made prior to election were to be covered in 60 months and not eight months. It is therefore a sign of desperation premature for DPP to give a formative assessment of the current administration’s performance after eight months in office

Let DPP work to unite their party than meddle into running of the state Administration which they miserably failed as they survived on rigged elections