Dr Ken Zikhale Ng’oma continues development exploits, donates building materials, borehole and Maizemill to Nkhatabay Constituency

By Staff Reporter

The National Director of Strategic planning for the ruling Malawi Congress Party Dr Kenneth Zikhale Reeves Ng’oma is quickly cementing his reputation as a development man of the people as he continues to give a helping hand to his constituency with resources to alleviate the many problems his area was facing.  On Saturday, the Nkhatabay South legislator rounded the whole constituency and delivered needful materials.

Dr Kenneth Zikhale Ngoma first stop was at Kande healthy centre where he delivered 10 bags of cement. The health centre has been acute shortage of latrines that has made patients and people in surrounding use nearby bushes to help themselves which has promoted waterborne diseases.  Dr Zikhale decided to build 8 toilets to support the community and health centre.

Dr Ken Zikhale Ng’oma donating items to his constituents

The area’s Senior chief Fukamapiri   has been appreciative of the donation and did not hide his excitement when he said “Since 1964 we have been deprived of toilets and first time for someone in Hon Zikhale position to provide us  the solution to the problem. I and my people in my community we are so grateful and commend the good work Honourable Zikhale Ng’oma is doing in my area”.

He went further to say “Another thing which has pleased me and my people is the water project.  There is scarcity of water in this area and this man is able to identify and find the solution to the problem. We are happy with this current leadership of His excellence Dr Lazarus Chakwera”. 

Hon Zikhale then went to Tukombo area where he has delivered complete borehole system awaiting drilling and supplied materials meant for building 8 toilets at the market to minimize the pressure that has eliminated in the area because of lack of toilets in the market which is congested with people from various districts who come for fishing and buying fish. TA  Zilakoma lamented that he could have danced in appreciation if his health was well and admitted that the pressure for the toilets is indeed high and has great impact on the environment and water pollution.

Hon Zikhale next stop was Mughogho area where he made an initiative to build under 5 clinic with his personal funds and the area. The area is situated at hilly area which is impassable. People there depend on farming but are disconnected for major market because of road.  In this area he has supplied the following Iron sheets, cements, nails roofing and wire nails, paints timbers and other building materials. This gesture was well appreciated by Group Village Headman Chikuni  who claimed that since independence there have not had a Member of Parliament as development conscious as Hon Zikhale.

Speaking to 247Malawi, Honourable Ken Zikhale Ngoma  said he is there to serve the people of Nkhatabay who gave him the mandate to represent them in parliament “The community should be empowered to be able to use the proceeds for other development without involving the government, thats what I am doing , empowering the communities. I am also thankful to Dr Lazarus Chakwera for  the wonderful leadership that is giving hope  to the people of Nkhatabay  that now we have a president who will take care of their problems”

The honourable MP then went to Kalowa area where, apart from the supply the maizemill, he has given them 20 bags of cement to help them commission the maizemill. He then  went to Mfundi at GVH Nkhoma where he has built Under 5 clinic with his personal funds because of the distance to nearest health center which is Liuzi. In this area the following materials were supplied: 50 bags of cement, 90 pieces of timbers, 4 bags of lime, 4 door frame 5 Window frames, paints ,glasses and iron sheets