EAM dares Gender Based Violence victims in Karonga

By Emmanuel Moyo

Evangelical Association of Malawi (EAM) in Karonga District has urged Gender Based Violence (GBV) victims in the District to voice out their problems if they are bring justice and end the vice in their communities.

This follows mobiles court sessions that EAM has brought to communities surrounding Ngana, Ngisi and Chikutu in the District.
In an interview, EAM GBV project officer, Wandiya Chigawa, said when people voice out the challenges that they face, they get the necessary help from relevant authority.
“After bringing courts closer to community members, we have seen them voicing out the violence they face and the magistrate has assisted them accordingly, so we urge all other victims of GBV to come out and speak out their problems,” she said.

Wandiya Chigawa

Chigawa has since urged mother groups and child protection workers to help in doing awareness campaigns against the vice.
On her part, a gender activist Linda Jimu described GBV as being traumatic in nature and needs urgent attention through reporting and arresting of perpetrators.
“GBV can cause a lot of problems like poor academic performance and even depression to the victims, so once reported, perpetrators need not to be left free but rather taken to book,” she said.

Commenting on the matter, Public Relations Officer for Karonga Police, Enock Livason said the police are working tirelessly to curb the vice.
“As police, we are moving towards ending the vice and we are calling upon the citizenry to collaborate with us in fighting the GBV,” he said.