Education and Quality Water crucial for Comfortable lives- Chakwera

President Lazarus Chakwera today officially opened Rumphi, Mchinji and Chikwawa Teacher Training Colleges, and inspected the Rumphi Thazima Gravity Water Fed Project with a call for citizens to own government-instituted projects to ensure sufficient utilization and durability.

Speaking at a ceremony held at Rumphi Teacher’s Training College, Chakwera said that the cornerstone for citizens to live comfortably lives in the provision of crucial services such as education and quality water. Thus, the construction of the three TTCs and the institution of the Rumphi Thazima Water Gravity project mark significant achievements.

Chakwera opening the  Teacher Training Colleges

“I am pleased to officially open these crucial developments here in Rumphi. The establishment of Rumphi Thazima Gravity Water Fed Project will provide good quality water to approximately 20,000 households in Rumphi and Mzimba Districts.

“Due to the fact that many things were left unattended for a long time, some people think government is doing things at a slow pace. However, we will continue doing it relentlessly knowing that our vision for 2030 is being achieved,” said Chakwera.

Chakwera then called upon Malawians to take to task their Members of Parliament on works done with Constituency Development Funds (CDF), saying the purpose for the funds is to ensure citizens get to enjoy developments they long for.

The President urged Malawians to hold their Members of Parliament accountable for the use of Constituency Development Funds (CDF), saying that the purpose of the funds is to ensure citizens benefit from developments they need.

Minister of Education, Madalitso Kambauwa Wirima, expressed gratitude to President Chakwera for his visionary leadership and unwavering support for education excellence.

“Your commitment to education has yet again been demonstrated today, adding to the launch of the Secondary Education Expansion for Development Project, among other crucial projects. When you took office, you declared human capital development and major education reforms.

“This is another milestone that exemplifies leadership as you are providing learners both in villages and towns, state-of-the-art education infrastructure that will change their lives and Malawi forever,” said Wirima.

In his remarks , Paramount Chief Chikumayembe the 5th of Rumphi emphasized the significance of Chakwera’s visit to inspect and officially open the two developments, as they provide answers to some of the challenges experienced by people in Rumphi.