Energetic Kokoliliko takes Covid19 fight to Mchinji

By Chalo Mvula

The youthful and energetic Kokoliliko group has continued its efforts in sensitizing people about the dangers of Covid19.  The group, a chapter of the opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has travelled in many places so far  teaching the locals  on the need to practice safe hygiene in order to minimize the spread of the deadly virus

Earlier on Wednesday the group took a long trip across a few villages in Mchinji . They had time to civic educate the locals  about Covid19. They also made a donation whereby 30 cartons of soap was distributed for the locals to use to wash their hands.

Kokoliliko , have in the recent weeks focused more  on coronavirus after seeing the damage that the pandemic can do to Malawi.  A campaign called Corona Virus Awareness Campaign is currently underway.  According to the statement from the group “ Covid19 is a real threat and soap is a necessity across many villages in Malawi. We would love to have as many people access soap to wash their hands” reads the statement.

Daudi suleman
Kokoliko soap distribution

Kokoliliko is also using this opportunity to encourage people to register so that they can vote in the forthcoming elections. “We are also trying to encourage people  to register and vote  in the next presidential elections” Malawi  is due to have Presidential elections which are facing the threat of voter apathy as well as new threats such as Covid19.

According to health authorities, Malawi has now 23 known Covid19 cases with 2 people dead so far. Malawi Congress Party President Dr Lazarus Chakwera has himself been to some areas to distribute protective equipment and hand sanitizers to some health centres.

Kokoliliko relies on well-wishers and volunteers .  For information  on how people can get involved, the group encourages people to visit their website on WWW.KOKOLILIKO.COM

Kokoliliko talking to the locals