England’s Poole residents fund Christmas dinner for Dedza children

By Hilary Porter for Daily Echo

Kind hearted Poole  residents in South England have banded together to ensure they won’t be the only ones enjoying a special Christmas dinner this year.

Through local charity Orfund they have funded Christmas dinner for the children of ‘Molima Home’ in Dedza, Malawi.

Children at Molima Home in Dedza

Children join the Molima Home for all kinds of reasons. Many are orphaned (often through AIDS,) others have been street children or have fled abusive family situations.

Like all of us, the children of Molima Home have experienced a difficult year.Covid-19 closed their schools for almost six months and this year’s exams have been postponed.

“Of course, Molima Home is about more than just a Christmas dinner!” said Caroline Hall, an Orfund supporter who also visited Molima Home last year.

“Molima gives the children family, safety and crucially an education (in a country where only 25% of children graduate from primary to secondary school, and few of these are girls)”.

Orfund is a charity based in Poole, Dorset which is helping to meet the needs of children and young people in Dedza in southern Malawi, who have no parents – or only one parent or relative who is unable to care for them through poor health or age.

Orfund currently supports 25 children who live at, or receive support from the Molima Family Home. They also pay the fees and accommodation costs for former residents who start apprenticeships or undertake other training.

Dickson, a previous resident of Molima Home has continued to be supported by Orfund through his diploma course in Journalism. He starts a degree course next year.

Likewise, Linda, in her final year of Secondary School, is due to take her exams to qualify for further education – in the hope of becoming a nurse.

Jackie, another Orfund supporter explains: “These children have often had such a traumatic start to life, but with a bit of support we see them battling the odds and achieving extraordinary things.